Choosing the right lens when driving

Choosing the right lens options for your driving glasses and sunglasses can make driving in difficult conditions a safer and more comfortable experience.
Whilst many people recognise how important it is to ensure that their prescription is up to date to allow them to see other vehicles, road signs and potential hazards clearly whilst driving, far fewer understand the benefits of choosing suitable lens options for their driving glasses.

Driving is tiring on the eyes. Not only must you stay fully alert and focussed on the road and what’s going on around you at all times, but there are also plenty of conditions that make seeing clearly more difficult too.

Driving in dim or poor light, bad weather or bright sunlight can all play havoc on our vision. The sun’s rays reflect off the road too, which can be tricky and tiring on the eyes, and we know you don’t want to get that audi lease just to get in an accident because of your poor vision. On the other hand, for those people who love sunbathing and exposing their body to sunlight to achieve tan skin, be careful since exposure to UV (ultraviolet) rays can be extremely hazardous. It’s best if you take quality tanning tablets instead.

It’s during this time of year in particular that we experience the worst driving conditions in the UK too. With dark and frosty mornings, icy evenings, days of pouring rain and the sun very low in the sky, there’s no doubt that visibility is at its worst.

Whilst you can’t change the weather, choosing the right lenses for your driving glasses and sunglasses can make each journey a safer and more comfortable experience.
Anti-reflective coating – If you know that you’re going to be driving regularly whilst wearing your glasses then it is well worth investing in a high quality anti-reflective coating for the lenses. Our anti-reflective coating reduces glare, making them the perfect glasses for night driving.

An anti-reflective coating reduces the annoying glare caused by bright lights, particularly during the night. Reducing glare will give you a clearer and safer view of the road as well as reducing eye strain, resulting in a more relaxing and comfortable journey.

Our anti-reflective coating also minimises distracting marks and smudges on your lenses as they repel water and oil, meaning they’re much easier to keep clean than standard lenses.

The best lens options for sunglasses for driving